HD Cleaning

Service Description

Team : Operation Manager / Team Leader + Skilled Taskman’s

Charges: INR 599 Onwards

Billing : Based on work

Cleaning Material : Included

Client Scope: Water & Electricity

We are all in one Clean Machines

High Defination Cleaning - One time deep machanized
cleaning services for your home, office, studio, farm house
or any premises

Our HD Cleaning service focuses on every pixel of your
premises and ensures not only a clear and glamourous image of
your home or office but a hygienic and healthy ambience too.
Our HD Cleaning is characterised by

  • - World Class technology at your door-steps
  • - Detailed step-by-step internationally benchmarked procedures
  • - Internationally recognised cleaning agents and
  • - Skilled professional team

We realise that every home or office is built & decorated with
special care & cost to the owner and the investments made
should beneficially influence and add quality to work life &
home life.

Our HD Cleaning Service is tangible and benchmarked against
the best industry standards.

Fully Customisable multiple packages available as per your
requirements and needs

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